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We Only Use The Best Domestic Cleaning Materials


Our team clean throughout Reading, Fleet, Wokingham and Shrewsbury - We use clean, colour coded micro fibres cloth for each roomYou have no need to worry about having cleaning equipment and materials on hand when we call. We supply all the equipment & materials needed to clean your home thoroughly, except for a mop & bucket. We have stopped supplying a mop & bucket for hygiene reasons. This was recommended by the Health & Safety Executive in our recent inspection.

We also come armed with a selection of clean, colour coded micro fibre cloths for each room. This ensures that there is never any chance of cross contamination issues from bathrooms to kitchens.

If you have a preference for using environmentally friendly products, we will happily use these in your home.

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  Our cleaners in Reading and Shrewsbury supply all the necessary equipment to clean your home